At Nordigal, Food Safety and Quality Policies are an integral part of the company’s management model. We are continuously improving the efficiency of its processes, and relying on the involvement of everyone in the company.Since one of our priorities is to achieve trust and to retain our clients, by meeting their needs at an optimised cost, we base our Food Safety and Quality Policy on the following principles:

. Guarantee of product safety;

. Fostering the offer of products that:
_ fit the needs of its clients,
_ comply with standards and food safety regulations, ensuring the absence of potential hazards that may affect the health of consumers;

. Staff training, making sure that they are fully prepared and aware of their responsibilities as to Quality, Food Safety, the Environment and OHS;

. Meeting the needs of clients, staff and interested parties;

. Compliance with legal requirements in force and other requirements underwritten by Nordigal;

. Continuous improvement of processes, products and services provided, and the efficiency of quality and food safety management systems;

. Dissemination to employees, clients and suppliers of information related to their activity, including Quality and Food Safety;

. Efficiency of the organisation, through a process approach with measurable goals.

. Reducing and preventing pollution and waste production, thus helping to promote recycling/recovery and the preservation of natural resources.